Monday, September 21, 2009

Super Nova Girl

not safe for wear in a hot location. if anyone has ever sat on black leather that has had ample time to warm up in the summer know what i mean

although fashion forward you run the risk of poking someone's eye out. fashion is pain people

in case someone comes at you from behind and you are unable to utilize your frontal defense cones, these heels should come in handy. in lieu of pepper spray and a saturday morning self defense class i choose these.

The SS2010 collection from Louis Goldin mixes babydoll silhouettes, oragami type structures, and leather bloomers without managing to look incredibly tacky. I personally love it, and i am excited to see what the collection looks like in the store, hopefully she will keep all these elements intact without making it look quite so zenon girl of the 21st century-esque. zeetus zapreetus!

see the entire collection here

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