Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lovely Luella

black and brown, it can, and should be done!

i can see my mom loving these shoes

ohhhh yes please

love the tiny flowers on the shoes

Why so serious pretty lady??

taking it back Flintstones style, i like

oiii ruffle heaven

FLUFFY CAP! I would wear this with everything, really I would. Totally worth the stares i'm sure I would receive.
A tad bit calm for a Luella show, but still loved all the same. Silhouettes give me a sixties "Sunday best" feel. I do not like the preppy girly look, but this showcases it in an ironic frou frou way, which I do enjoy. In writing this blog I find that my taste is quite eclectic! Very young, fresh, and gorgeous, and who wouldn't want to be described that way?

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