Friday, October 2, 2009

Balmain and his army of bedazzled, shoulder-padded, women!

more of the military trend...meh

Same old song n' dannnnnnce! but i still like

If tinkerbell and some rockstar had a lovechild...this is what i imagine she would look like


Christophe Decarnin is the man on whose glittery, highly padded shoulders rests the success of the whole of the mass market as it currently stands. It's a known phenomenon that the cost of a single one of his jackets ($9,000 or thereabouts) could pay for an entire wardrobe of Balmain knockoffs for ten teenage girls, but no matter: He is hot. His models are scorching. And if what he does is the opposite of intellectual, it's also so clever it's simultaneously fueling spending frenzies up-market and down-. In terms of the general sequins-for-day trend, Balmain's influence is visible almost every which way you care to look in a chain store.

For Spring, Decarnin brought out another whammy of a no-brainer blockbuster: disco cavewoman goes to the front.
-Sarah Mower

Thursday, October 1, 2009


YES that is Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr!! Who doesn’t love a bit of a casting surprise to add yet another layer of excitement to a show?

"Tossing a bodacious Victoria’s Secret girl into the lean and edgy model mix is on its way to becoming a thing. Adriana Lima, who walked last season in Givenchy. Lima then ended up scoring a spot in the campaign. Will Kerr follow Jennifer Connelly as Balenciaga’s Spring face? Only time and creative directors will tell."

ahhh leather and edgy chic!

love love love this. no way would i mess with a woman wearing this little number

i want!


Nicolas Ghesquière decided the world had seen enough ruffles, frills, and pretty looks. His athletic/streetwear/star-trek-esque collection of the future makes women look like they could kick some serious bootay (if they dont blow away first that is)!