Monday, January 18, 2010

Worst of the Golden Globes

Looks as if even Aniston knows she will get flack for this dangerously high slit. You are 40 something years old, please choose, show the cleavage or the arsch! Showing both verges on desperate

this is just asking for another "hairy incident" to occur

United in bad can anyone tell me why they were even there??

Cold much.....

Josh should be carrying her across the red carpet in her late 90's prom dress...if you ask me

Joan, please wean yourself off the plastic surgery and allow your face to develop one...or gasp!...maybe even a few wrinkles! Your a lovely lady, but the melting wax figurine look is just not flattering.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who while still a pretty lady could have found something that didn't look like my gran gran's old couch...

At least she's consistent...??

Love love love Ms. Fey, and i think she is so cute, but i know she will get crap for this dress..

1 comment:

  1. seriously mariah! how desperate can you be???? did not like Fergie's prom dress - her flat hair or cheating hubby!